It is absolutely possible to overcome the suffering we experience in our daily lives. By investigating our experience, thinning belief structures and maladaptive patterns, and embracing the truth of what we are (and what we’re not), we are able to discover the undeniable intimacy and fulfillment that is fundamental to experiencing, itself. Contrary to what is reflected by society, our minds, and traumatic events, what you are is already whole, safe, fully loved, and accepted. If you feel disconnected from your life, overrun by thoughts or are tired of suffering, you’ve come to the right place.

“To notice the freedom that is already available, we have to remain open to unknowing most of what we think we know.” – Fred Davis, The Book of Nothing

Meet Bohdan

“Bohdan offers a profoundly calming and centered space of reflection, inquiry and deepening to release your limiting beliefs and recognize the wonder and lightness of Being. Beyond the illusion of lack, you’ll discover an unshakable contentment in which you’ll find yourself anchored more and more, allowing you to meet the moment as it is. This unique nurturing and clarifying space combines awakened spirituality with a compassionate understanding of human suffering.

Bohdan is a welcome presence in the emerging modality of Nondual Counseling, which is about letting go of our old patterns of grasping and aversion that comprise the fictitious self and embodying consciously the qualities of what we truly are. This is not about solving problems, attaining goals, or fixing ourselves but discerning the nature of experience and recognizing that whatever unfolds, all is well because it’s simply life celebrating itself.”

– Nic Higham, Nondual Therapist, thewholenessofexperience.com

Our Services

Bohdan offers one-to-one sessions for Nondual Counseling and Nondual-Recovery Coaching. If you are interested in either, please go to the Services page to book an appointment or learn more about what’s being offered.

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